Client Testimonials


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“Courtney captivated me from the very beginning! Her sincere, vulnerable and playful message of wearing busyness as a badge of honor resonated with me instantly. Her warm presence drew the audience into her story and helped us connect it back to our lives. I appreciated her thoughtful and inspirational perspective on how to shift such a common struggle in our society.”

Queirra Fenderson
Certified Ambition Coach

“Courtney Spencer has an incredibly timely message for many of us who are overwhelmed, overworked, and who never stop ‘doing’. She helps her audience examine their lives and whether their busyness is stealing their happiness, yet reminds them they are not alone and gives guidance for building a more healthy lifestyle. Her calm, powerful reserve of inner strength and wisdom is a testament to the resilience she urges audiences to build. I highly recommend Courtney as a speaker for standalone meetings or as part of any program for busy professionals.”

Cathy Norris, MA
Leadership Development Coach, Trainer, & Speaker

“As a therapist who works with kids with anxiety, Courtney’s message is both pertinent and essential for busy kids and even busier adults. Courtney speaks to a new paradigm of honestly evaluating our priorities to access true happiness beyond busy. This is an important message in our culture of lack that leads to anxiously doing, robbing us of healthy relationships to ourselves, others, money, health and every other aspect of life. Thank you, Courtney, for your brave and funny delivery of a taboo topic.”

Heather Gunther, MA

“Courtney’s talk spoke wonders to me. As someone who is a creative, I constantly burn out and push my boundaries. After her talk, I realized how much pressure I put on myself to do more in my life and business that I burn out time after time. I felt so inspired by her talk that I started to look at my life and think of ways I could start taking those intentional steps to create a happier well-balanced lifestyle.”

Courtney Bentley, Behavioral Change Specialist
Host of The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast

“As a high achieving professional who is often too hard on myself, Courtney’s talk struck a chord with me – and I trusted her immediately. The stories she shared made me feel like she was inside my head and her examples were true to life and at times laced with edgy humor. Her years of professional experience combined with breathtaking awareness and relevant insights ensured that we walked away feeling great about ourselves and with doable action items from someone who walks her talk! Listening to Courtney changed my perspective on what is possible for me in terms of integrating work with life, being happy pursuing meaningful goals, and enjoying my life more in the process.”

Stefanie Frank
Copywriter | Copy Consultant | Speaker

“Courtney is a gifted listener. It’s more than her empathy and ability to focus on someone else; she is uniquely able to distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. Her ability to do that distinguishes her from all other coaches. Courtney has both the education and life experience necessary. I believe that Courtney was meant to be a coach. I find myself often thinking about her words, remembering them and acting upon them. I highly recommend Courtney as a coach!”

Tracey Lewis, MEd
Career and Transition Coach