Why Coaching is the SECRET to Success

Walking away with massive clarity and an action plan is a guarantee. Do you have the life you are desiring? Or are you running your stress levels out of control?

Now is the time to commit to you and stop living in the cycle that is holding you back. booking your call today will be the perfect step in the right directions.

How Can Coaching Benefit YOU?

  • Create clarity and peace of mind. 
  • Set achievable professional and personal goals
  • Find a work life balance and increase productivity.
  • Alleviate feelings of being dissatisfied and overwhelmed. 
  • Feel less anxious, stressed and exhausted.
  • Achieve a flexible, open and clear mindset
  • Face your emotions head on
  • Become more connected – to yourself and those important to you.
  • Feel fulfilled, not depleted, by your work and daily tasks.
  • Focus on areas including: work, relationships, health and finances.

How Can We Work Together?

1:1 Coaching

If you’re looking for a fast path to achieving your goals with intensive support along the way, 1:1 coaching is for you. Here are the highlights of 1:1 coaching:

  • 6-month programs depending on your outlined goals
  • We start with an intensive 2-hour VIP day to clarify your goals and your bigger vision and create a clear path to get there. You will walk away feeling incredible clarity, hope and encouragement that you can change your life. Most importantly, you will have the plan to get you there.
  • Get a written 6 – 12 month action plan that roadmaps your steps to success
  • Accountability and progress tracking all along the way
  • Bi-weekly one-hour virtual calls for ongoing coaching, progress tracking and planning.
  • Targeted homework to support goal achievement

VIP Sessions

This is for my self paced independent warriors! Our VIP sessions allow you to walk away with an ironclad action plan for your goals. Here are the highlights:

  • 2 to 4 hour intensive virtual or in person deep dive
  • Get answers to what it is that you want to do in your life, what’s missing, what’s needed and what is no longer serving you.
  • Co-create a path to the life you really want. From birds eye view to the details of everyday progress–you end the session with next steps
  • No fluff, no nonsense – we define your blocks, limiting beliefs and barriers to achieving the life you want
  • Receive a follow-up one hour call after the VIP day to check in. Let’s address anything that has come up while implementing the action plan and make any tweaks and shifts.

Group Coaching – Coming Soon!

The road best traveled is the one we travel together. Learn from other women who are facing the same challenges and working toward their goals and vision. Working with a cohort will catapult you into the best season of your life. Group coaching sessions include:

  • 12 weeks of group coaching 
  • Biweekly one hour group calls
  • Build community with other women 
  • Hot seat coaching with Courtney during the calls
  • Accountability times ten. Your cohort digs in to lift you up in praise and encouragement when you are having a hard time following through
  • Two 1:1 calls with Courtney
  • Ongoing communication with group and Courtney in and out of sessions during the 12 weeks


Focus On You 1
  • Each session is driven by what you need at that moment.
  • Together we set clear and measurable goals from the start.
  • Scheduled check-ins to make sure you are on target to meet your goals and you have the support you need.
  • Data driven support. We track your progress to get a realistic picture of what is working and what isn’t and we are constantly making sure the plan will lead to achievement of your goals.
  • My goal is that you get everything you need out of coaching and that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical duration of a coaching program?

My coaching program is 6 months as that is the duration I have found that provides enough support and time for new goals and habits to be solidified, and new dreams and goals to be developed.. Group coaching lasts for 12 weeks. VIP sessions are at a max of 4 hours in a single day.

How do you tailor your approach to individual client needs?

I work with each individual’s unique goals, lifestyle, and emotional bandwidth to tailor a success plan. The best part about my approach is we are working together to craft a life that fits your vision, so your input is paramount to our progress.

How often are coaching sessions and what is the format (in-person, online, etc.)?

At minimum, 1:1 clients meet with me virtually every two weeks.  For some clients weekly sessions work best.  Group coaching meets twice per month.  For local clients, I can accommodate in person coaching.

How do you handle confidentiality and privacy concerns?

As a lawyer, confidentiality is paramount to me! As a coach, trust is essential to our relationship.  Ask me about my confidentiality clause in your discovery call.

Can success coaching help with specific challenges, such as time management or stress?

Success coaching is designed to meet your specific needs. I am here to support you in achieving the goals you bring to the table. This is not a one-size fits all approach.  Your path of coaching is uniquely curated for you to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.  Success coaches zero in on the habits that keep you from the life you want. Especially those habits that are creating stress and poor time management, which is often caused by avoidance.

What is your coaching philosophy or approach?

My philosophy is that we are each called to a specific purpose in our life. Until we walk in that purpose, we will always feel unfulfilled, exhausted, and burnt out.  I combine support and encouragement as well as accountability to help my clients create and live out the lives of their dreams. I believe when we stop avoiding our lives, we come alive to the possibilities within us.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is done by a licensed clinician and is often focused on your past and how it impacts you today.  Coaching is focused on the future.  We do look at the past and how it gets in the way of your goals and dreams.  However coaching is forward thinking and with coaching you move quickly through your blockages and set and implement goals to change your life now.  Both coaching and therapy are very useful and often compliment each other.  For significant trauma and psychiatric needs therapy is the more appropriate modality.



“Courtney is a gifted listener. It’s more than her empathy and ability to focus on someone else; she is uniquely able to distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. Her ability to do that distinguishes her from all other coaches. Courtney has both the education and life experience necessary. I believe that Courtney was meant to be a coach. I find myself often thinking about her words, remembering them and acting upon them. I highly recommend Courtney as a coach!”

Tracey Lewis, MEd, Career and Transition Coach

The Time is Now

Can I tell you? My clients have seen exciting life changes, growth in spaces they had never experienced growth before. Book your call today. The longer you put off the life you want to experience, the longer you stay exactly where you are.

Stressed, burned out and could ultimately end up like me with numerous health issues. I have walked in your shoes and I’m here to walk alongside you.I’ve had clients become professional speakers, change careers, improve their marriage, improve their mental health, get promoted, create and stick to a budget, create businesses, go back to school, achieve their lifelong dreams.